Development using framework

Framework is a software skeleton which greatly simplifies web-development with built-in tools and templates. However, framework allows realization of projects with wider structure and more precise feature set, in contrast to CMS.

We use well-regarded extensions, modules and libraries that were thoroughly tested and documented when developing on a framework.

Web-development on a framework helps to realize dynamic sites, web-services and apps in the least time possible. Effective use of ready-for-use skeleton for problem solving provides us with the opportunity to divide the project on the following logical segments:

— using libraries for accelerating development;

— applying extensions when required.


Want to order website developed on a framework? Our company can offer fast and effective solutions for growing your business on the Internet. We use the following popular frameworks for realizing projects of any difficulty:

Yii – free software, distributed under “new BSD” license, which allows for optimizing code. Yii has a good combination of parameters, such as price, speed of development, great support and big set of libraries.

Zend – free web-application skeleton, written in PHP5, supports multiple database systems. Differs in “weak linking” architecture, by which dependency between different project parts is minimal.

Сodeigniter – one of the fastest frameworks made in PHP, and one that is not that demanding on programming language. Its skeleton is easily extensible and flexible for realizing various features.

Symfony 2– a cross-platform open-source framework. Distributed for free, allows for developing websites with growing set of features on proposed skeleton.

Magento – famous for its feature set ideal for standard Internet-shop: cart, single-page checkout and payment system, user accounts and much more. Advantages of framework are: module creation for unusual tasks. UI creation of any difficulty. Convenient wbsite admin-panel. Non-standard solutions for Internet-shops. Possibility to add forums. Creation of server code and mobile API.

To summarize, we can say that a framework a comfortable development environment, and is not a ready solution like CMS. However, in most cases web-development on a framework guarantees web-resource of higher quality more finely tuned for customer’s needs with unique features and design.

Qualified experts of our studio will do their best to develop a website within the best traditions of web-design and provide your business with growth and prosperity!

What’s the secret of “Astudio”?

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