Identity & Branding

Branding is a process of creating and progressing a brand. It includes all stages, from developing a product to advancing and advertising. Branding also implies the following:

  • product improvement;
  • refinement of brand’s prestige;
  • correspondence of the brand to market’s demands.

Branding at its core is creation of customer’s demand for products and services. Its main goals are company or brand’s popularization, extending it’s awareness, profit and sales growth. Customers will pay more because of respect to the brand if done right.

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Stages of making a brand Analysis of the market, competitors and potential target audience. On this stage, it is required to find current need of the target audience and create a demand for it. For this we need to analyze market’s latest trends. So, trademark development will have analytic basis.

Audit of the company and portfolio of own brands. On this stage we gather all information about the client.

Naming. Choosing a name that will correspond to new brand’s concept, and checking of name uniqueness.

Creating a logo and specific style (for companies). Development for company’s logo and their own specific style (colors, fonts, stylistic etc.)

Verbal component: Brand’s legend, slogan, supporting texts and info-graphics (that will stimulate first and repeated purchases).

Brand-book and guideline development. We will create a manual which describes brands main components: its mission, positioning, values and company’s philosophy. This document will systemize ideological elements of the trademark, make up a complex picture of it and give recommendations of it’s use. Channels and means of marketing communication with target audience will also be described.

Brand monitoring and rating of effectiveness of carried events.

Branding price depends on the following factors:

Is brand-book required. Cost of branding will be significantly lower if it’s not required and only some visualization options (plus vector logo) are needed.

Commercials goals, that are targeted by you company before brand development. The more ambitious they are – the higher cost will be.

Competition in the sphere where “Astudio” will develop a brand. The higher it is – the more difficult it will be to come up with interesting positioning.

If we’re required to buy research from third-parties branding will be more expensive.

Number of elements included in brand-book. For example, if you need design of building’s facade besides the company style – the cost will be higher.


Development of new trademark

Branding is a process of developing and advancing of a product on the market, creating a strong emotional bond with target audience. This bond is based on current values of the trademark. Branding is a complex of events directed at creation of cohesive product image, that is demanded by customers.


Targets of branding

  • Creating positive product image and its correspondence to correspondence to customer’s values.
  • Forming communication system between trademark and customer.
  • Developing concept of brand’s positioning on the market.
  • Creating visual and verbal identification of the product.
  • Defining a concept of advertisement campaign and ad-carriees.


Tasks of branding

  • Emphasize competitive advantages and values of the product;
  • Discover an emotional element of the brand;
  • Show a link between product and customer;
  • Make a one of a kind image of new brand.

Instruments of branding allow to make your product better, attract the customer, make him buy something and love the brand. That’s why a customer must know what kind of result is required and what  would be the end goal, when you come to a branding studio. It’s advisable the your wishes were formulated in numbers. For example, grow sales by 10%, market share by 3,5% and awareness be 15%.

Why is branding needed?

— Branding determines perception of product’s qualty. The same product presented in same package, but by different manufacturers and trademarks will show differing significance of the audience.

— Brand’s accessibility and awareness dramatically change the perception of the some product. Brand forms additional value, which can be evaluated in money equivalent. It augments value of the trademark.

— Brand is an emotional and psychological trigget. Outer appearance of the product forms an emotional bond with the audience, provokes a line of impressions and associations. This is called a “bonding point” to the trademark. Customers remember product’s advertised image and impression, not the product itself.

— Branding helps to distinguish and choose. Most customers want to choose a product quickly.  And at that, they choose a trademark they trust. Preference is also given to famous trademarks that are tried and true. It’s pretty hard to choose a product based on quality if you’re not an expert. That’s where brands come in to convince you with their Unique Trade Proposition, which make it much easier to choose.

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What will you get by ordering branding in Astudio?

— “Astudio” will develop a brand which fully corresponds to company’s goals.

— Name, logo and slogan will be wholly unique. All symbols can be registered as trademarks. Also, we will make a visual and verbal image, which will stand out against competitive trademarks.

— We will develop a guideline with detailed instruction of using all brand’s elements in addition to making the brand itself. We will also input brand’s legend and positioning.

— We will develop a strategy of brand’s growth with it’s sample. It will help you understand who is your target audience and how continue working with them. “Astudio” will also support a company during advancing your brand into the market.


“Astudio” agency staff knows how to create and prolong trust-based relationship to a brand for years to come! So, study our portfolio and contact us to order branding for your project!